Helping in to bestow upon the nation Charismatic Vidyalokians who are Sensitive, explorative, and creative enough for Successful adaptation to face any challenge In the fast moving world For the betterment of oneself as well as of others For a sound society.


Bringing together all the Old Vidyalokians Under one shelter promoting mutual understanding While strengthening past interrelationships Enhancing fraternity among them To create a motivated environment collaboratively Upgrading infrastructure of the school and providing with Equal opportunities For academic, co and extra curricular activities and Career guidance which are leading towards excellence To bring out A wholesome and dignified generation of citizens

Oath of Vidyaloka OBA

We as true sons of mother Vidyaloka, promise to extend our fullest co-operation that can be granted for the upliftment of you with our most sincere wish that your Prestige spread far and wide claiming for the highest status in education and related fields bestowing upon the nation brilliant Vidyalokiyans.