School Uniform
At the beginning, it was so designed that primary and upper primary student uniform to be the Khaki pair of shorts, white short sleeved shirt, socks and shoes and for the senior students a white pair of trousers and shirt. However, after the school management was vested in the government, both primary and upper primary students were to wear the uniform of a blue pair of shorts and white short sleeved shirts with black socks and pair of black shoes. A slight change of the uniform came into effect from 2004 with the students of Grade 1 -9 wearing a blue pair of shorts and white short sleeved shirt while the uniform for the students from Grade 10 – 13 remaining the same whereas it was mandatory to wear the socks of school colour i.e. Maroon with black pairs of shoes which are provided by the OBA at a bargain price.

School Boundaries
The land named ‘Kekiri Obada Watta’ where the school is located stretches up to the Wackwella road to the East, Vidyaloka Lane to the North, Sri Devamitta Mawatha (earlier the middle lane of China Garden) to the West and Queens Cinema to the South and it is a flat land of about of 2 acres of extent situated in the heart of Galle city.