Mr. M.H.H. Ariyarathne Being instrumental in the erection of the 3 storey
Building by the Shrine Room and the 3 storey laboratory.
Mr. Ananda Ganegoda Financing the construction of the 2 storey building In which the library is located. 1987
Mr. Cyril Jayarathne Supply of the sound system at the Main Hall. 1987
Mr. Richard Pathirana Donation of the 3 Storey building near the mango tree with His allocations. 1989
Mr. D. Gunaratne Donation of Rs 150,000/- to the OBA Fund.
Launching a Scholarship and Bursary Fund with Rs 15000 for university entrants.
Mr. Gunasoma Gamage With his brothers of Gunasoma family collaboratively Constructed the Shire Room. 1995
Mr. B.C. Dasanayake Donation of Rs. 25,000/- to the OBA fund 2003
Mr. Nanda Gunasinghe Provision of Musical Instruments to the Oriental Band with his (MP) allocations of Rs. 75,000/-
Mr. K.P. Amarapala Provision of Precious Camera to the School Photographic Club with his PC allocations.
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